We Are Family

There’s no doubt, our cats and dogs are part of our families. In fact, the minute they enter your world you would do anything to keep them safe and protected, happy and healthy. If only they arrived with an instruction manual and a language that you could easily understand.

Whether you’re trying to interpret barking or purring for the first time or the millionth, We Are Family offers you a solid place to land. This community, built and maintained by MSD Animal Health, the trusted leader in the advancement of animal health, provides information designed to help you easily navigate the care and health needs so that you can both enjoy all the joy and happiness you bring to each other’s lives.

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Family Products

These products are marketed by MSD Animal Health, for more information visit

Bravecto: Reg nr. G4083, G4292, G4408

Bravecto® offers your cat and dog extended protection against ticks, fleas and mites. For dogs you have the choice of either a tasty chew which protects against ticks, fleas and mites for 12 weeks or a Spot-on that will provide 4 months protection against ticks and 6 months protection against fleas. Bravecto® Spot-on for Cats will keep your cat tick, flea and ear mite free for 3 months! Available from your local vet, vet shop or online vet store or visit www.bravecto.co.za for more information. You can also follow us on Facebook at Bravecto South Africa.

Reg nr. G2980

Exspot is a top-spot that can safely be used in puppies from 2 weeks of age and will protect puppies and dogs against ticks, fleas and flies for 4 weeks. A single packet of Exspot has 2 ampoules and can treat dogs under 15 kg twice or dogs over 15 kg once. Not to be used on cats. Available from your local pet supplies store.

Reg nr. G2377, G3892, G3712, G3880

Nobivac® is a premium range of cat and dog vaccines which protect your pet against all core preventable diseases. Our range for dogs provides protection against core diseases such as distemper, parvo, hepatitis and Rabies. There are combination vaccines available for diseases which may be prevalent in only some regions such as lepto, coronavirus and kennel cough. Our cat vaccine range will keep your cat protected against core diseases such as snuffles and panleukopaenia. Combination vaccines that includes chlamydia or feline leukaemia virus are also available depending on your cat’s risk profile.

The Nobivac® range also include a rabies vaccine that can be used in cats and dogs. Speak to your vet today about your pet’s disease risk profile and about vaccinating with Nobivac®.

Reg. nr. G2717

Regular deworming is an important part of routine healthcare for your pet. Quantel is a broad spectrum deworming product that can be used in your dog and cat. Quantel is dosed at 1 tablet per 10 kg and can safely be used in puppies, kittens as well as pregnant cats and dogs.

Exitel Plus & Exitel Plus XL: Reg. nr. G4227, G4226

Regular deworming is an important part of routine healthcare for your pet. Exitel Plus and Exitel Plus XL are broad spectrum deworming products that can be used in your dog. Exitel Plus XL is ideal for dogs weighing more than 35 kg, Exitel Plus can be dosed at 1 tablet per 10 kg.

Reg nr. G2377, G3892, G3712, G3880

Oto-Aid is an ear cleaner for dogs and cats of all ages and contains plant extracts which help keep your pet’s ears clean, naturally. Oto-Aid aids in routine ear cleaning which is known to cause a reduction in excessive ear wax and acute otitis externa. The plant extracts in Oto-Aid help remove accumulated debris inside the ear, providing optimal hygiene of the outer ear. For more information on Oto-Aid speak to your veterinarian or visit https://www.msd-animal-health.co.za/products/oto-aid/