Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me Every Night?


4 Oct, 2021

6 minutes

The new year is filled with promise, but you don’t need to look further than your cat to plan the best year of your life. Your furry feline offers all the inspiration you need to navigate the new year with ease, grace, and style. Whether you’re hoping to set and follow through with resolutions or you simply want to enjoy a little peace and quiet, look to your cat for cues on how to make the most of your new year.

cues from your cat


Cats are highly intelligent, curious creatures. At times, they appear to have an insatiable need to explore every nook and cranny of your home; at other times, it may seem that they are examining you as if you’re on exhibit at their zoo. It’s impossible to say what might be going through their minds. Still, one thing is certain: their curiosity is directly related to their natural instinct to survive and thrive. Cats are natural hunters, so even when your cat appears to be fast asleep, he or she is relatively alert and able to spring up and onward in a split second. Knowing where to dash, like in between the washer and dryer, or how to take flight, such as scaling that cat tree in two seconds or less, is the result of satisfying their seemingly endless curiosity and using the knowledge they gain throughout the exploratory process to their advantage. Cat’s don’t wander through the world unaware of what’s going on around them, they are supremely aware at all times. All in all, not a bad way for a human to move through the world, either.


Cat’s don’t let anything get in the way of what they need to do. When they need to sleep, they sleep. When they need to eat, they eat. When they need to groom, they groom. It doesn’t matter if you have a houseful of people, a cat is going to do what a cat needs to do. And why not? They are masters at caring for themselves in the indoors and out. This is not to say that your cat won’t benefit from an annual vet visit, he or she most certainly will, but it is to say that when it comes to basic needs, your cat is perfectly happy to do what needs to be done to lead a content life. How many times have you reached for a cup of coffee instead of taking a nap, skipped a meal because you didn’t think you could spare any time to cook it, or delayed a trip to the doctor because you decided to tough something out? Practicing self-care is the way of the cat-world. Schedule a nap next weekend to discover all the ways taking care of your body can benefit you.It’s bound to happen: you roll over, open your eyes and BAM, you find yourself eye-to-eye with a cat that can’t take his eyes off you. He’s probably wondering why you’re sleeping at night when there’s so much fun to be had and so much work to be done. Remember, it’s only natural for your cat to be fully alert, awake, and on-duty all hours of that night. If he’s staring at you he’s probably just trying to keep you safe from all the other wild, nocturnal beasts lurking in your home (kidding, sort of). Chances are he needs to know where you are and what you’re doing.


Sure, your cat spends an incredible amount of time sleeping, but when it’s time to play, it’s TIME TO PLAY, even if it’s 4 AM! Active cats are healthy cats. Active humans are healthy humans. Schedule at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, and you just might find yourself with a little more energy to deal with your cat’s early morning wake up calls.


Cats are masters at many things, including how to effectively communicate with others. Think of all the ways that your furry feline commands your attention throughout the day. If your cat is like most cats, then he or she has a specific call for food and another for cuddles. Pair your cat’s vocals with body cues, and there’s a full-blown conversation happening at all times. Your cat may “meow” one way to say hello, another way to get attention and yet another way to ask for food. Purring, on the other hand, can be a sign that your cat needs comfort or care. If your cat is growling or hissing, then there’s a good chance that something is amiss. The beautiful thing about cats is that they are direct. They don’t overthink how to ask for what they need or share their feelings, they just do it, and you should, too.


Cats love to share their bounty with other family members. Hopefully, this means that your cat is dropping toys at your feet throughout the day, but it could mean they are also dropping prey. This is a sign of deep affection and unconditional love—a sign that you can return by engaging in a stimulating activity with your cat.


Have you ever seen your cat play with an empty box or a piece of string for days on end? It’s a gentle reminder that joy doesn’t have to be complicated, that fun doesn’t need to be expensive, and that engagement doesn’t need to be elaborate. Think about all the ways that you can simply find happiness in the little things, like playing with your cat, reading a good book, getting outside for sunshine and fresh air. You don’t need to make a long list of resolutions to enjoy the world around you. You just need to set aside some time to care for yourself with catitude, which means doing what you want to do and doing what you need to do to survive and thrive in the new year.