5 Reasons To Get a Second Dog


  • 12 May, 2019
  • 5 MIN READ
  • 12/05/2019
  • 5 MIN READ

5 Reasons To Get a Second Dog

When it comes to dogs, the more, the merrier! If you think that adding one more dog to your family would mean more mess, more chewed up shoes, more potty-training nightmares. You might be right, and you will want to go ahead anyway. There are far more benefits to adding another dog; read on and see how another dog might be the perfect solution for your pack.


1. An easy way to keep both dogs exercised and entertained

It’s no secret that a bored dog is often a naughty dog. Having a second dog not only means your dog will have company when you’re away, but it will also keep your dog distracted and physically active. We know, as a dog parent, nothing makes you happier than knowing your dog is happy, healthy and staying out of trouble.

2. Training is much easier

Teaching an old dog new tricks isn’t easy, but an old dog can teach a new dog so much. Dogs are pack animals which means that learning from a pack leader is a natural and instinctual behavior. An older dog can teach a new dog house rules and enforce acceptable behaviors—including going potty outside instead of inside.

3. Alleviates separation anxiety

Leaving a dog home alone can lead to stress, boredom, and destructive behavior. Having a friend can minimize and even deter this kind of behavior. A bonus is that you can leave the house guilt-free and enjoy spending time with other humans while your dog enjoys playing with another dog.


4. You can help more animals in need

Millions of dogs enter animal shelters each year—and many are euthanized. When you adopt another dog, you’re saving more than just one life. Shelters free up space each time a dog goes home with a new owner. This allows them to bring in more dogs who are in search of a loving home. It’s a beautiful cycle.

5. And… Get double the love!

Dogs are undoubtedly the most loving pets. They wag their tail incessantly when you come home, give you tons of cuddles and kisses 24/7 (slobbery dog kisses count, too).

Just remember, as with any new addition to your family, when you bring home a second dog, you never neglect the feelings of your first. Supervise the introduction and consult with experts on the best ways to make this a success. Don’t forget to protect both dogs from parasites, with two dogs you will want to use the easiest and longest lasting ‘nose to toes’ flea and tick treatment choice to keep both of them flea and tick free.

When you think about that kind of love, times two, it’s a no brainer! Good things don’t always come easy, but when it comes to two dogs, the pros far surpass the cons. Happiness is only a bark or two away.